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"How you gonna win, if you ain't right within"

Lauryn Hill

All About Therapy

Transformation Space Therapeutic Services is an online sex therapy practice providing services to individuals and couples wanting to explore and embrace sexual changes within themselves and their relationships.  Safe judgement free spaces can be difficult to acquire, especially for the black and brown community, and our focus is to provide a shame free place of healing and growth.  We approach healing from a holistic approach because our minds and bodies operate contemporaneously.  Meaning, we will often be discussing how your health and wellness directly impact some aspects of your sexuality. 

For many of us our ideas and perceptions about sex and sexuality were molded at a young age and it can be difficult to move past those learned behaviors, thoughts and practices.  As our lives change so can our sexuality.  Many factors can be of influence such as a change within a relationship, new physiological challenges or a new found sexual awakening. Sexuality is not one size fits all and it is absolutely okay to experience shifts.  We're here to help you along your journey. 

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